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Guiding Hope's Founders

Hey everyone! My name is Sarah Potts. I was raised right here in North Georgia. My husband Kevin and I created Guiding Hope as a safe place for local families to request the help they otherwise may not be able to receive. This mission landed on our hearts when we got through our first year of marriage. We applied for Food Stamps, Daycare assistance, Medicaid and was denied for all because we "Made too much". We were struggling hard to make ends meet. We prayed and listened to our God. No matter what we were going through there is always someone out there who has it worse off. From that moment on we decided to help raise funds to support other local families through the Holiday seasons. All of what we have done would not be possible without the support of our wonderful community, prayers and most importantly from our Lord above! We give all our Thanks to God. 


I'm always looking for new opportunities to help raise funds to support our local families. 

Text: 706-897-6969

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